Bianca Wright has over 20 years of experience as a journalist specialising in technology journalism for both consumer and trade publications. An award-winning journalist whose work has spanned consumer and trade magazines and websites in the US, the UK, Australia, South Africa and Europe, Bianca is passionate about investigating emerging technologies from artificial intelligence to virtual reality and new gaming technologies. Her focus is usually on how these technologies impact how business operates and how these trends are influencing the way we live, work and play. She holds a Masters in Science and Technology Journalism and a PhD in Media Studies focusing on gamification principles.

Bianca is also working on research projects in the area of virtual reality, 360-degree filming, gaming and news production. Like her journalism work, her research focuses on digital cultures and how technologies are shaping different ways of working and learning. She is particularly interested in how virtual reality can be used as an educational tool.

In her spare time, she is an avid gamer, who can often be found battling it out in StarCraft II, but her favourite game is still Age of Empires.


My portfolio is primarily focused on my technology and business writing, but I have experience across a range of other areas including parenting, lifestyle, travel, and women's interest. Examples of my parenting journalism can be found further down on this page. I have also done consultancy work such as writing of news releases, white papers, and strategic consulting for public relations agencies and clients. All links open in new windows.

Technology Journalism



For freelance rates, to commission writing work or for public relations consultancy, please email me.

I am also open to collaboration on research projects relating to digital cultures, gaming, virtual reality and 360-degree filming.
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